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Gwendolyn Grace is a contemporary and erotic romance writer. Her debut novel True made Amazon's Top 100 best selling list in Women's Fiction. She loves writing steamy stories full of emotion, love, and a little bit of angst but promises wrap it all up with a happy ending somehow. When not daydreaming about fictional characters, she tries to be a fairly decent wife and an attentive mother. In her spare time, she is a blogger and book reviewer however writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember.

The Madam

The Madam - M.  Robinson 4.5 "Low down-dirty" stars!

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For shame Madam!
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This is Madam's story told from her POV alone. It's a prequel to VIP, then runs parallel and jumps just a bit into the future. It does't have much to do with the characters from book 1 although she does talk about them. This still should not be read as a standalone because you'll need info from both books to read #3.

As messed up as Madam was, I couldn't help respecting her just a little. We now understand how she came to be Madam and I have to say that I liked this book better than book 1. She knew what she wanted and would take down anyone in her way. Although she was very driven, she cared deeply almost to a fault for certain people and that's what made her likeable. I was happy to discover that she really did have a heart although it was mostly black or should I say money green.

From her perspective she felt she was providing an invaluable service to the Miami elite with her VIPs. She was also a savior to her girls. Caring for them, teaching them and providing a lavish life style in the process.

She really was a master manipulator. She had a very cunning and clever way of hand picking her VIPs and convincing them to do things her way. And she always got her way...

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She also taught the VIPs that they had power. Power that brought the most dominant of men to their knees with just a taste.

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She was their mother, their mentor and their protector. They loved her for it. That's something she earned from the girls, not something she could demand.
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To be honest, Madam's WTF revelation at the end was kind of...

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But I can't say I'm surprised! I thought that was the case but I didn't want to believe it. So yup, she's just as fucked as I thought!

I can't wait for MVP! I can't even predict what's going to happen right now.

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Original Post: May 11th 2014
OMG! I freaking knew it!!
Dirty...dirty...dirty, Madam!! In no way should that be cool but it just took things to a whole new level and that made it awesome! #saywhat

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Ugh! Full review to come May 12th!