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Gwendolyn Grace is a contemporary and erotic romance writer. Her debut novel True made Amazon's Top 100 best selling list in Women's Fiction. She loves writing steamy stories full of emotion, love, and a little bit of angst but promises wrap it all up with a happy ending somehow. When not daydreaming about fictional characters, she tries to be a fairly decent wife and an attentive mother. In her spare time, she is a blogger and book reviewer however writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember.

Just Human

Just Human - Kerry Heavens 3.5 stars. It was a nice but pretty uneventful romance for a good 95% of the book. If I had read this book a year ago, I probably would have given it 5 stars. Now, I am always looking for a twist in the plot. I also like elements of surprise in my stories. Book 1 does end in a cliff that is totally predictable and it makes me want to smack both Liv and Danny. It's what happens when one withholds information for too long and the other jumps to conclusions too fast. I will read book 2 just to see how things play out. Their chemistry is amazing! Danny kept me reading, he is swoon worthy and I did like Liv most of the time...but overall is was just 'eh' for me.