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Gwendolyn Grace is a contemporary and erotic romance writer. Her debut novel True made Amazon's Top 100 best selling list in Women's Fiction. She loves writing steamy stories full of emotion, love, and a little bit of angst but promises wrap it all up with a happy ending somehow. When not daydreaming about fictional characters, she tries to be a fairly decent wife and an attentive mother. In her spare time, she is a blogger and book reviewer however writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember.

Night Moves

Night Moves - Andrea  Smith 4.5 "Thanks, I needed that! Stars

*ARC provided to RBC by the author in exchange for an honest review*

This story has it all!

1. Hot as hell rich alpha a-hole- check!
2. Panty-poofing sex scenes- check!
3. Jealous bitches sabotaging things left and right- check!
4. Piercings in the goodies- double check!

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A perfect formula for a yummy toe-curling read!

"E.J" and Darcy meet while vacationing separately in Belize. Their attraction is instant but unfortunately E.J. is there with another woman but it's clear he is more interested in Darcy. However when Darcy boldly makes a move on E.J. she's met with a surprising response. Later Darcy learns that E.J. is really Easton and that he is connected to her life in ways she begins to loathe. Sexy and mysterious vacation E.J. is now Easton, arrogant business professional and cold-hearted jerk extraordinaire.

But damn is he hot!!

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His sexy British accent mixed with borderline obsessive behavior are irresistible and remind me a little of Jesse Ward. (God, I love that man!)

I finally saw him exhale as if he was no longer at odds with whatever. He turned to face me, his hand now rubbing the back of his neck relieving the pent up tension.

"I have to punish you," he said plainly. "There's no way around it."

Easton is struggling with a secret from his childhood that has effected his ability to love and be loved. It also compels him to act in ways he feels are not healthy. With Darcy, he is able to channel his dark desires in to a more useful way that benefits them both.

I loved the interaction between them and the way Darcy stood up to him. I really think they saved each other! A good match!

"I love your laugh. If I could," I felt his body draw back, and I breathed in the feeling of feminine content as I felt his cock tease the opening where I wanted him. "I'd make sure you'd always be laughing. And making sure that your smile was never far behind."

Seriously! I was a goner for Easton after that!

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I am definitely going back to read the first two in the series! I can't believe I didn't know about them before!! Where have I been?

Why 4.5 stars and not 5 stars?

I felt Darcy was very young and a bit spoiled in the very beginning. She came across as shallow and immature and almost killed the story for me. BUT over the course of the story she grew up a lot and surprised me. I don't know if that was intentional but it all worked for me!