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Gwendolyn Grace is a contemporary and erotic romance writer. Her debut novel True made Amazon's Top 100 best selling list in Women's Fiction. She loves writing steamy stories full of emotion, love, and a little bit of angst but promises wrap it all up with a happy ending somehow. When not daydreaming about fictional characters, she tries to be a fairly decent wife and an attentive mother. In her spare time, she is a blogger and book reviewer however writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember.

Confessions Collection Vol. 1 (London Brown)

Confessions Collection Vol. 1 (London Brown) - Leila DeSint This was a solid 3 stars for me until I got the the last chapter, then it shot up to 4 stars!
Ok, where to start...
The story centers around Desniah and her alter ego/multiple personality London. As a young girl Des suffered sexual abuse at the hands of someone she trusted and creates London to protect herself. Now as an adult, weak and emotionally damaged Des allows London who is reckless and self destructive to take over huge parts of her life by working for The Agency, a high end escort service. This to me is odd because Des/London is from a super wealthy and very influential family so she's not in this profession to make ends meet. The only way I can make sense of this is to believe that since London was created to do all of the things that Des was ashamed to do during her abuse that London is now compelled to keep doing what she was created for. It seems like a miserable existence to me, though...

Now enter the love triangle (or quadruple/ rectangle or whatever).

Caden the fifth and Des grew up together and were very much in love until Cade takes a surprise job offer in Hong Kong, leaving Des behind. He returns six years later with a lot of regret and is determined to get Des back. He learns about the existence of London, the Agency and somehow feels responsible for Des' breakdown and wants to make things right. However Cade finds himself drawn to London more and more.

Rhys and Des become best friends during the time Cade was gone. Rhys is a family outcast and suffers from a lot of his own personal demons. He knows all about Des/London, the Agency and has been accepting of it all. He doesn't care much for London and what she does but he tolerates her. Rhys is also in love with Des but hasn't had the nerve to tell her. It is in his nature to be a Dom (a very sick and twisted one) but he has never acted on it. He wants to explore being this way with only Des as his submissive, not London. He is scared that by revealing his true self to Des he will scare her off and lose her forever.

Cade's return stirs a lot of emotions for everyone. Jealousy and anger from Rhys, painfully memories for Des, and a threat to London's existence.

How do I really feel about this book you ask??

In the beginning, I found it hard to believe that Des and London were truly separate personalities but as time went on I started to buy it. I'm still not convinced that London acts completely on her own and that Des has no influence on London's behavior/actions.

I wish there was a little bit more character development. I really wanted learn more about their motivations. Why is Des so irresistible to men especially Cade and Rhys? Why does Des let London do what she does? How deeply does Cade love her? I couldn't shake the feeling that this had more of a screen play vibe then a novel.

I was all set to be on Team Cade but as things went on I found myself on twisted Team Rhys. He's kind of exciting...what does that say about me? He went from this insecure guy to a confident Dom over night. I was like Wow, where did that come from?!

My thoughts above all else...back to reality...
EVERYBODY IS CRAZY!!! HELLO!!!! Des should be institutionalized and not walking around in everyday society!!! Cade and Rhys are just as crazy for being in love with her (them) and actually having conversations with both London and Des as she shifts back and forth like it's normal!

Steam factor is extremely high,twisted and all over this book so beware! I loved the ending, it definitely made me want to check out the next volume.